How to make an order from YSO?

YSO specializes in animation peripheral and IP product customization and supply. If you have a great idea and create an artwork but don’t know what to do with it, why not considering making your own products that won’t cost much and start your own career? YSO would help you to produce your own IP products. How to make an order from YSO?

1. Search “yso” or “” in search engine like Google/Bing, find and click on

2. After entering the home page of, find what type of products that you want to customize.

3. Click on the product page that you’re interested in.

4. Choose what technique, size, color, accessory (if any) and quantity.

5. Upload your artwork to YSO


Name the files of each design: Name + Quantity + # (accessory number)
Put all designs in one folder, then make them as one ZIP file
Send the ZIP file to web for the product you choose
If there are front and back printing requirement ,please separate the layer, please mark at your PSD diagram layer and choose double-side printing when you place order.
If your design with translucent part,please separate your design's translucent art from your artwork as a individual layer in PSD file,and name it.
Charm size should includ charms border and hole and depends on the longest edge,not only the printing design size.

A. Please check if you have chosen the right size, quantity.

B. Please check if there are any missing pictures.